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Why earn a Human Resource Management MBA?

Future career advancement opportunities and salaries for Human Resource MBA graduates are looking promising. Many companies are finding all aspects of company organization from budgeting to personnel are running more smoothly and efficiently when specialized Human Resource teams are managing resources.

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With companies moving away from overall human resource departments to specialized teams, Human Resource MBA graduates are finding more career opportunities to demonstrate their expertise and be rightfully compensated with salaries that represent their contributions.

Recognized and accredited Human Resource MBA programs endow students with the knowledge and confidence to successfully deal with every issue a Director of Human Resources must face. HR MBA courses will show students how to handle difficult personnel decisions such as hiring, position alignment and compensation. You will learn how to develop strong organizational skills and abilities to tackle multiple projects at the same time. MBA/HRM graduates will know how to competently manage budgeting and create practical and efficient strategic plans.

Careers and Salaries for Human Resource MBA Graduates

  • Human Resource Manager Salary - Technical Services *
    • $101,570
  • Human Resource Manager Salary - Accounting Industry *
    • $103,990
  • Human Resource Manager Salary - Scientific R&D Industry *
    • $108,750
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager Salary - Scientific R&D *
    • $94,860
  • Human Resource Manager Salary - Advertising Industry *
    • $96,620

How will an MBA in Human Resources help me?

Company executives realize while the bread and butter of their industry may be their physical resources, such as capital, equipment and product, physical resources mean very little if personnel is not highly trained, managed and committed to helping their company succeed.

Human Resource MBA programs provide graduates with the skills and qualifications to confidently step into the role of a Director of Human Resources. Such roles are given high salaries and respect from everyone within a successful company.

* BLS salary statistics for nation's 2005 mean annual pay