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Why earn an Operations Management MBA?

With a Global marketplace increasing levels of competition, organizations need to be fiercely efficient and effective in their efforts to gain their share of profits.

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Operations Manager career prospects appear relatively bright. However, growth for this occupation should only mimic growth in the careers the Operations Managers oversee. Operations Manager salaries are going to be seeing the greatest rise. Along with competition in other industries comes a need for the most competent and highly trained.

A valuable Operations Manager is current with technological advancement as well as skilled in the area of creating successful business strategies when it comes to quality management and continuous improvement of operations. Based on other industrys' benchmark strategies and sound business theory, the Operations Manager is expected to be able to cometently design a company's production and service operations.

Companies that employ the most motivated and knowledgable individuals to run their operations will experience the greatest profits and growth. Therefore, individuals who show their motivation and acquired skills through an MBA in Operations Management will be able to demand the largest salaries from the most attractive companies.

Careers and Salaries for Operations Management MBA Graduates

  • Operations Manager Salary - Legal Services *
    • $110,130
  • Operations Manager Salary - Accounting, Tax Preparation and Pay Roll Services *
    • $117,620
  • Operations Manager Salary - Architectural Services *
    • $114,920
  • Operations Manager Salary - Engineering Services *
    • $121,510
  • Operations Manager Salary - Technical Services *
    • $124,100
  • Operations Manager Salary - Research and Development in Engineering Sciences *
    • $134,770

How will an MBA in Operations Managment help me?

Company leaders need to ensure business operations are efficient and effective. The only way to achieve this kind of insurance in a large company with high levels of cash flow is to employ individuals who have a specialized education in operating such an industry.

An Operations Management MBA program will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed in order to manage value-adding production of goods and services in order to optimize an organization's performance.

As an Operations Management MBA graduate, you will be able to confidently immerse yourself in the details of a company's problems and emerge with not just theoretical models, but models that function effectively in the real world.

* BLS salary statistics for nation's 2005 mean annual pay