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Why do I need an MBA in Louisiana?

Businesses that dominate Louisiana's list of large employers are health care and education. Standard large financial or industrial organizations are not heavily represented; however, you will find a need for Louisiana MBA's trained in finance and accounting. There is a General Motors plant in Shreveport, West Telemarketing in Baton Rouge, and some independent industrial service plants in New Orleans.

Those considering an MBA in Louisiana will see the rebuilding of New Orleans as a unique opportunity. The contractors who are involved are confronted with realizing operational efficiencies in what is effectually a regulated environment. Rebuilding businesses or assisting small businesses in re-establishing themselves is allowing for tremendous consulting opportunity. Here an MBA can apply the scientific disciplines of business:  economics, statistical analysis, and social sciences such as psychology and sociology in a unique environment.

The entire Gulf Coast is rebuilding its economy while faced with changing market characteristics and unique consumer profiles. The challenge is to take a Louisiana MBA’s knowledge of successful management, leadership, human behavior, how organizations work and how the economy and markets function; and apply those skills to an economic environment with a badly damaged infrastructure.

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MBA Career Salaries in Louisiana*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Louisiana :
    • Baton Rouge - $47,540
    • Thibodaux - $58,950
    • Lafayette - $93,500
    • New Orleans - $63,200
    • Shreveport - $52,220

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Louisiana :
    • Baton Rouge - $61,530
    • Lafayette - $58,960
    • New Orleans - $66,710
    • Shreveport - $55,770

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Louisiana :
    • Baton Rouge - $67,490
    • Lafayette - $68,580
    • Lake Charles - $62,260
    • New Orleans - $68,820
    • Shreveport - $61,580

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* BLS Louisiana business career mean salary statistics 2005