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Why do I need an MBA in Maryland?

Maryland’s proximity to Washington DC has resulted in suburban expansion of federal facilities into the state. The Department of Health and Human Services is a major employer of Maryland citizens, including Maryland MBA graduates, with 5,000 employees in its Baltimore facility.

The Goddard Space Flight Center has well over 10,000 employees in Greenbelt. The state has a diversified economy with a mixture of industries providing opportunities for those with Maryland MBA degrees who specialize in a variety of areas.

Northrop Grumman Electrical has a large installation in Baltimore.  This branch of the enormous defense contractor focuses on radar and other communications technologies. An organization like this is an opportunity for Maryland MBAs to enter the high tech economy. Developing cutting edge electronics for the government still involves applying newly created technologies to marketable products. The operational efficiency for production must be there, the product must be functional and end-user friendly.

The HMO operator BlueChoice has a large operations center in Owings Mills. Marketing strategy and branding play a large role in selling through managed care products. The “Blue” brand is unparalleled for health insurance in this country, but market strategy for an HMO has to differ from the health insurance products that allow more selectivity. It’s an opportunity for innovative MBA leadership within a competitive business environment.

Lockheed Martin has a large presence in Gaithersburg, while Bechtel Construction employs several thousand in Frederick. These installations are there primarily to service government contracts.

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MBA Career Salaries in Maryland*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Maryland :
    • Baltimore - $68,030
    • Hagerstown - $60,840

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Maryland :
    • Baltimore - $91,440
    • Hagerstown - $82,990

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Maryland :
    • Baltimore - $94,650
    • Hagerstown - $68,360

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* BLS Maryland business career mean salary statistics 2005