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Why do I need an MBA in Minnesota?

One well known corporate organization based in Minnesota is St. Paul’s 3M Corp. 3M lists itself as a paper manufacturer and employs more than 10,000.  In fact, they are a worldwide organization with tremendous brand identity in Scotch (Tape, Gard, etc.) Nexcare and Post-it. With such diversified product lines as medical diagnostics, insulation, and many other products that come directly out of their labs, those completing MBA programs in Minnesota are necessary in many different specializations.

Finding a niche in 3M’s product introduction structure is a highly sought after job for a Minnesota MBA. 3M understands the value of brand maintenance and the importance of product integrity. A Minnesota MBA graduate would be working in an environment that values best business practices and rewards innovative leadership.

UPS has a business center in Minneapolis, employing over 5,000 people there. Not long ago, the shipping and delivery business was transformed by Fedex; UPS has responded with a vigorous expansion of their product line and an expensive marketing campaign to reinforce their brand. They are trading on decades of high-recognition reliability and expanding their services to meet today’s lightening-quick shipping and communications needs. They have gone so far as to open up retail storefronts offering print and fax services along with packaging and shipping. 

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MBA Career Salaries in Minnesota*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Minnesota :
    • Duluth - $55,530
    • Minneapolis - $67,470
    • Rochester - $72,240
    • St. Cloud - $53,350

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Minnesota :
    • Duluth - $82,160
    • La Cross - $93,060
    • Minneapolis - $100,240
    • Rochester - $92,390
    • St. Cloud - $79,330

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Minnesota :
    • Duluth - $76,220
    • La Crosse - $103,530
    • Minneapolis - $117,160
    • Rochester - $93,100
    • St. Cloud - $91,520

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* BLS Minnesota business career mean salary statistics 2005