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Why do I need an MBA in Tennessee?

Tennessee is the primary example of the automobile industry’s migration to the American South. Saturn built its entire product introduction marketing campaign around its corporate presence in Spring Hill TN. The marketing campaign highlighted a new product coming from a fresh facility and was highly successful, thanks to innumerble Tennessee MBA graduates coordinating their expertise. The product remains viable, as Saturn is the state’s sixth largest employer.

The third largest employer is the Nissan Powertrain Assembly plant in Decherd, a town west of Chattanooga. Goodyear Tire and Bridgestone/Firestone are also major employers in the state. For those considering MBA programs in Tennessee, breaking into Tennessee's auto industry in an area free of seventy-five years of tradition and labor/management encumbrances holds a wealth of career opportunity. 

There are also several large health care providers in the state: Baptist Hospital Centers has two large installations in Memphis and one in Nashville.  Facilities of this size have clinics in operation as well, and those clinics are often management opportunities for non-medical professionals with administrative skills.

Beyond these industries, Tennessee is known for its livestock products, its cotton production and tobacco. All of these industries have consolidated into corporate structures, where a Tennessee MBA will find opportunities in business operations, in team management, in sales oversight or in the finance and accounting side of the corporate structure.

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MBA Career Salaries in Tennessee *

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Tennessee :
    • Chattanooga - $53,030
    • Johnson City - $64,620
    • Knoxville - $58,370
    • Memphis - $61,880
    • Nashville - $60,460

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Tennessee :
    • Chattanooga - $87,510
    • Clarksville - $57,630
    • Knoxville - $65,700
    • Memphis - $89,660
    • Nashville - $66,300

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Tennessee :
    • Chattanooga - $61,240
    • Clarksville - $68,040
    • Cleveland - $78,200
    • Jackson - $58,770
    • Johnson City - $77,440
    • Kingsport - $63,520
    • Knoxville - $76,350
    • Memphis - $98,450
    • Nachville - $71,650

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* BLS Tennessee business career mean salary statistics 2005