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Why earn an MBA Technology Management?

The MBA in Technology Management is a relatively new credential that is catering to the heavily increasing demand for managers with a solid comprehension of the technology industry. Every industry has been increasing the use of burgeoning technologies in order to expedite manufacturing, reduce overhead costs and simply create a more efficient and more smoothly run organization.

Careers in Technology Management are poised to grow at an enormous pace with no end in sight. The managers with the highest salaries and who are most valuable to their companies are going to be the employees who not only have a solid fundamental knowledge of their company's products or services, but also a deep and thorough understanding of budgeting, project planning & management, organizational management and technology value assessment abilities.

The Technology Management MBA degree combines valuable and essential knowledge and skills neccessary for managing skilled teams in today's most progressive industries. Learn more about the benefits a Technology Management MBA program can offer. Request information from the accredited schools listed below.

Salaries for Technology Management MBA Graduates

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager Salary - Scientific & Technical Services *
    • $110,330
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager Salary - Research & Development in Engineering Services *
    • $120,070
  • Operations Manager Salary - Scientific & Technical Consulting Services *
    • $124,100
  • Operations Manager Salary - Scientific Research and Development Services *
    • $132,060

How will an MBA in Technology Management help me?

Technology Management is a growing field that is becoming more lucrative by the moment. When the bottom line is profit and company value, Executive Officers know their can be no missed communication between strategic planners or managerial members and technicians or engineers. Those leading project management and making decisions with regard to technology value need to understand all facets of their business from start to finish.

This is why those who have credentials in technology management, such as an MBA, can demand extremely high salaries.

* BLS salary statistics for nation's 2005 mean annual pay