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Employee Relations Manager Career

Considering a career as an Employee Relations Manager? Find out all you need to know to decide whether this career is right for you.

What does an Employee Relations Manager do?

The role of an Employee Relations Manager can vary greatly throughout any given day.

As an Employee Relations Manager, you may take on responsibilities such as creating recruitment and employee selection programs, employee retention plans, compensation and benefits programs and the development of administration procedures.

You may be called upon to coach or counsel management and regular personnel, help develop company policies or help in issues regarding internal conflict resolution.

As an Employee Relations Manager, you will have your fingers in a variety of human resource departments. In order to perform successfully in this position, you will need to develop a thorough understanding of all principle theories and management practices that are at the root of your company's employee relations programs.

How to Become an Employee Relations Manager?

Educational requirements may vary slightly depending on the company, the area you wish to work and your previous work experience.

The minimum educational requirement is the completion of a Bachelor's degree.

However, it is becoming more and more common to see applicants for upper level management positions, such as an Employee Relations Manager, holding advanced degrees.

The usual advanced degree option for incoming Employee Relations Managers is either a Master's in Management or a degree in business such as an MBA with an emphasis in Human Resources.

Beyond a quality education and development of skills necessary to succeed as an Employee Relations Manager, you will need to learn where to gain experience by finding a job. Organizations such as The Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a great place for you to begin looking for career opportunities.

What is an Employee Relations Manager's Salary?

An Employee Relations Manager's salary can vary significantly depending on your level of experience, your level of acquired education and size of the company you work for.

The median salary* for an Employee Relations Manager is $88,500.

However, the top 10% of Employee Relations Managers are pulling in an average of over $150,000.

In order to boost yourself to this level of success, you will need to perform highly, develop years of experience at a respectable company and lastly, earn yourself an advanced degree.

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* Source: The Bureau of Labor and Statistics for 2006

How does the future look for an Employee Relations Manager?

Demand for highly educated and experienced Employee Relations Managers has been strong in the past and is becoming stronger. The need for companies to coordinate all Employee Relations departments is gaining momentum as there is now less room for error or miscommunication within the walls of corporations.

The U.S. Department of Labor believes between 2004 and 2014 Human Resource Manager career opportunities will increase by 16% from 61,900 to 71,800.

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