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Human Resource Consultant Career

Considering a career as a Human Resource Consultant? Find out all you need to know to decide whether this career is right for you.

What does a Human Resource Consultant do?

A Human Resource Consultant, or HR Consultant, will perform a large variety of tasks depending on many different variables. Depending on how much work experience you have or how much education you have acquired, your role as a Human Resource Consultant can be anywhere from stepping in for a compensation manager to rearranging an organization's entire Human Resource division.

As a Human Resource Consultant, no matter where you are on the totem pole, you should have a solid, fundamental knowledge of why the Human Resource department is vital in every organization. You should know first hand the value-added by company's having sound quality management systems in place and accepted by one and all.

You should be able to introduce many possibilities for implementing new policies and programs into an organization's recruiting procedures. As an HR Consultant, you should be able to help companies with their acquisition of quality data and their ability to correctly analyze and make appropriate adjustments to selected programs.

Beyond having a firm understanding of HR concepts you will also need to have sound diplomacy skills. You will need to treat everyone in your hiring organization as a client. You must always remember that it is never easy convincing an entire team of hard working individuals that they must change the way they conduct their own business.

And lastly, as a Human Resource Consultant, you will need to have the ability to clearly demonstrate your own value-addition to the organization. You must remember that you are not only implementing a system into the hiring organization, you are selling the organization on the idea that you are the HR consultant to perform the task.

You will need to be able to fully comprehend the design and creation of the organization and then be able to measure and present data supporting the value of your own addition to the organization.

How to Become a Human Resource Consultant?

Educational requirements may vary slightly depending on the company, the area you wish to work and your previous work experience.

The minimum educational requirement is the completion of a Bachelor's degree. The type of bachelor's degree can vary, but typically a degree in human resources or business will best prepare you for a career as a Human Resource Consultant.

If you are interested in becoming one of the higher paid HR Consultants then you may wish to earn an advanced degree such as an MBA with an emphasis in Human Resources or a Master's degree with an emphasis in Management.

For high level consulting positions, it is absolutely imperative that you have a superior resume. You must show your ability on paper and through experience that you have what it takes to get the job done right.

If you are starting out, you may wish to begin working for an HR consulting firm. Unless you have many years of HR experience and an advanced degree, it may be difficult to find work.

You may speed the process up by finding executive recruiting firms in your area to help you find open HR Consulting positions.

What is a Human Resource Consultant's Salary?

A Human Resource Consultant's salary can vary significantly depending on your level of experience, your level of acquired education and size of the company you work for.

An HR Consultant's salary can begin around $50,000.

However, the top HR Consultants are pulling in well over $150,000.

In order to boost yourself to this level of success, you will need to perform highly, develop years of experience at a respectable company and lastly, earn yourself an advanced degree.

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* Source: The Bureau of Labor and Statistics for 2006

How does the future look for a Human Resource Consultant?

The future looks bright for Human Resource divisions in general. The field is growing constantly and is projected to have continued growth throughout the next decade.

Organizations across industries are seeing the benefits of having finely tuned and satisfied workforces. Developing and implementing the best quality management systems, HR policies and programs has proven to be a difficult science, but extremely valuable when done properly.

As the field of Human Resources continues to grow and gain respectability as an essential division of companies, so will the demand for HR Consultants.

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