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Why do I need an MBA in Oregon?

An MBA in Oregon will find opportunity in a variety of industries throughout the state. The ubiquitous Harry and David, purveyor of gift baskets and other holiday specialties is based in Medford and has nearly 7,000 employees. This is an opportunity for an MBA to engage in the use of multiple advertising media and cross-promotions using the Internet as a catalyst. Marketing to online channels is a new business skill that is still being refined.

Nike is based in Beaverton. While it is not the behemoth in the shoe industry that it once was, Nike remains a vigorous and viable enterprise and a company that has a reputation as a first class employer. The retail channels for their products have inexplicably gravitated out of the sporting goods chain and into boutique lines. An MBA who wants to tackle market transition and has innovative methods will be welcome in Beaverton.

Tektronix is a company that makes electronic test, measuring and monitoring equipment and is based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. They are a major employer in Oregon and occupy an interesting technology market niche. Their products are designed for network operators, equipment manufacturers and all sorts of applications in video production.

Tektronix is faced with multiple marketing channels – several with unique advertising platforms. Those considering MBA programs in Oregon, and who have an interest in the marketing department at Tektronix, may find themselves planning market strategy for any number of potential customer groups – from the military to the manufacturers of high-def video gear.

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MBA Career Salaries in Oregon*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Oregon :
    • Medford - $41,820
    • Portland - $72,460
    • Salem - $64,720

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Oregon :
    • Bend - $65,420
    • Medford - $82,650
    • Portland - $82,430
    • Salem - $82,430

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Oregon :
    • Bend - $77,100
    • Eugene - $73,790
    • Medford - $63,120
    • Portland - $91,100
    • Salem - $87,770

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* BLS Oregon business career mean salary statistics 2005