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Why do I need an MBA in Arizona?

There can’t be a better place to apply the business tools supplied by an MBA than Arizona, the fastest growing state in the nation. 

Aerospace, health care and information technology are all business with roots in Arizona and growing needs for creative management.  Tucson-based Raytheon alone employs 9,000 people in their Missile Systems division.

General Dynamics in Scottsdale is another example of a defense contractor that has extensive production capacity dedicated to domestic products.  As defense budgets wax and wane, this company has expanded into communications in order to include non-government revenue streams that keep the company healthy. 

The Boeing Company in Mesa is one of the aircraft industry’s leaders in innovation. Arizona MBA graduates who can apply creative business and organizational practices to realize the production efficiencies they need to win bids will find open arms and large salary offers with Boeing.

An MBA graduate in Arizona has real opportunities in health care administration at places such as the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix or the University Medical Center in Tucson.  This industry needs people who understand medical organizations today; looking beyond the practice to how the economy and markets for medical services function.  Business support services for medical delivery systems abound in the Phoenix area, along with specialized service centers such as the Barrows Neurological Institute.

This handful of examples doesn’t begin to illustrate the range of opportunities for a creative manager trained in financial and market analysis.  Explore your options and request information from some of the top schools offering associate, bachelors and MBA programs in Arizona.

MBA Career Salaries in Arizona *

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Arizona:
    • Phoenix - $55,400

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Arizona:
    • Flagstaff - $67,340
    • Phoenix - $68,350
    • Tucson - $67,100

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Arizona:
    • Flagstaff - $44,260
    • Phoenix - $81,680
    • Prescott - $52,080
    • Tucson - $62,400

Request information about the top online and campus Arizona MBA programs and find the right business school for you.

* BLS Arizona business career mean salary statistics 2005