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Why do I need an MBA in Massachusetts?

Boston is seen as the economic powerhouse in New England.  More accurately, it is Boston and its suburbs that host the financial and technological industrial powers in the Northeast. A Massachusetts MBA graduate inclined toward the financial businesses will find John Hancock Insurance Corp. and Fidelity Investments in Boston, along with Mass Mutual Life in Springfield. 

These are old, established businesses that know the importance of rotating innovative, trained management into the corporate structure on an ongoing basis. There is more room than one might think for creative product development in these industries. Companies are constantly redesigning their products under their brands to meet changing market dynamics. Those considering a Massachusetts MBA program will find a wealth of opportunity in the state.

Software giant EMC has 5,000 employees in Hopkinton.  This company is a leader in the information storage field, a market that is exploding as more and more online businesses are using mega-servers to support their advertising and sales services. To the west of Boston, in Framingham and along Route 128 there are literally dozens of high-tech businesses, many of which no doubt have more engineering and code writing professionals on staff than they have business planners. Massachusetts MBA graduates are in high demand.

Tech startups can once again find venture capital, but finding people who can develop a business with a marketing plan to follow for products entering the beta cycle are not easily found. This market is ripe for a Massachusetts MBA's creative leadership coupled with sound business practices and an ability to manage team dynamics.

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MBA Career Salaries in Massachusetts *

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Massachusetts :
    • Barnstable Town - $74,740
    • Boston - $86,350
    • Brockton - $64,670
    • Haverhill - $69,100
    • Salem - $55,260
    • New Bedford - $62,180

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Massachusetts :
    • Boston - $102,800
    • Brockton - $86,640
    • Framington - $110,370
    • Springfield - $92,400
    • Worcester - $85,240

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Massachusetts :
    • Barnstable - $72,700
    • Boston - $119,230
    • Brockton - $99,090
    • Framingham - $137,870
    • Salem - $91,490
    • Pittsfield - $95,830

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* BLS Massachusetts business career mean salary statistics 2005