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Why do I need an MBA in Georgia?

Outside of the iconic Georgia peach and the peanuts of the Jimmy Carter era, the product Georgia is known best for is Coca Cola. A producer of beverages and other consumables that sprang to life at the turn of the twentieth century and remains based in Atlanta today.  An important fact for those considering an MBA in Georgia, Coca Cola makes an enormous margin on the production and sale of their products but devotes an equally enormous portion of their budget to marketing.

An MBA entering the Georgia workforce is going to learn quickly that market share is the goal each and every year. It is measured in small increments by product niche. A beverage and snack giant such as Coke is constantly developing marketing campaigns.  For each campaign an MBA has defined a target consumer audience, developed a marketing strategy and managed the agency who developed the message.

In the aerospace sector, Atlanta has Delta Airlines with 21,000 employees and Marietta has Lockheed Martin Aeronautics with 8,500 on staff.  Like cola, air travel is virtually a commodity.  Accordingly, product success is going to be based on the Georgia MBA graduate who has a feel for consumer behavior and an understanding of the communications tools available for reaching the market. 

In the aeronautics industry, an MBA will have the opportunity to provide input on product development and marketing strategies. Such important roles require knowledge of production-line operation and how change orders affect the financial projections for the job. Georgia MBA graduates are primed and ready to successfully take on these types of responsibilities.

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MBA Career Salaries in Georgia*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Georgia :
    • Atlanta - $80,250
    • Dalton - $65,600
    • Gainesville - $58,330
    • Macon - $83,660
    • Savannah - $71,820
    • Warner Robins - $59,980

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Georgia :
    • Atlanta - $91,280
    • Augusta - $68,540
    • Chattanooga - $87,510
    • Columbus - $60,680
    • Dalton - $74,280
    • Macon - $75,660
    • Savannah - $72,760
    • Valdosta - $55,510

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Georgia :
    • Athens - $82,580
    • Atlanta - $94,800
    • Augusta - $70,680
    • Brunswick - $88,390
    • Columbus - $80,370
    • Dalton - $86,840
    • Gainesville - $75,350
    • Macon - $61,790
    • Savannah - $69,990
    • Valdosta - $80,120
    • Warner Robins - $106,310

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* BLS Georgia business career mean salary statistics 2005